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Wooden Spoons

The wooden spoon or ‘The Love Spoon’, as a token of love originated from Wales.  It is a traditional gift in Wales and was made by the man as a love token and gift for his lady.

The tradition was for the spoons, always made of wood, and were carefully carved or decorated.  This was to show the care and concern that the gentleman had for the object of his affection.  If the lady kept the spoon then this was a sign that all was well and his love was returned.  If she sent the spoon back, then it showed she was not interested.

Today, the symbol of love remains and is used widely at weddings – giving the couple a decorated wooden spoon is intended as a symbol of their love.

The spoons from Simples Yorkshire are all individually created and shown in blue and  white as traditional colours.  However, colours can be changed to suit the colour scheme of the Day.

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